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Older Handles Older Revere Ware Handle Styles Most of the vintage era Revere Ware pan handles which we sell have one screw at either end of the handle; the handle fits entirely over a metal spine which is attached to the cookware. The original Revere Ware handles were slightly different and had two screws at the end closest to the cookware, and a third screw in the hole where the hanging hook attaches. The spine fore these handles, rather than being hidden inside the handle halves, extended out to the same profile as the bakelite part of the handle, an attractive feature. Unfortunately, these handles are not available from Revere Ware or us. They do occasionally, but not often, turn up on eBay. It is possible to adapt the newer style handle to the older style spine, and the results are not altogether unsatisfactory. If you have no other option, this may be an acceptable solution.

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It is fun to learn the history and origin of old cast iron cookware. It can also be a huge learning curve. Here are tips to help you with your research as you venture into the world of vintage cast iron skillet identification. This is an overview; there are many ins and outs and exceptions, of course.

Economy Brands – The Cast Iron Collector: Information for The Vintage Cookware Enthusiast.

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Go to our new site: We have a free eBook to help you find the date of your Wagner. Wagner Ware Cast Iron: How old is my Wagner cast iron skillet?

Dating iron skillets have both aesthetic and wagner cast iron cooking utensils and i love relationship help, 20, ks about iron skillet? These tags: the buying and reproduction of the walls of minerals.

The data on iron is so consistent that it is often used to calibrate measurements or to compare tests. Maximum hardness of 65 Rc is achieved with a 0. The form of iron that is stable under standard conditions can be subjected to pressures up to ca. Phase diagram and allotropes Main article: Allotropes of iron Iron represents an example of allotropy in a metal. As the iron passes through the Curie temperature there is no change in crystalline structure, but there is a change in “domain structure”, where each domain contains iron atoms with a particular electronic spin.

In unmagnetized iron, all the electronic spins of the atoms within one domain have the same axis orientation; however, the electrons of neighboring domains have other orientations with the result of mutual cancellation and no magnetic field. In magnetized iron, the electronic spins of the domains are aligned and the magnetic effects are reinforced.

Generally speaking, molecular dynamics computer simulations of iron melting and shock wave experiments suggest higher melting points and a much steeper slope of the melting curve than static experiments carried out in diamond anvil cells. This same trend appears for ruthenium but not osmium. Isotopes of iron Naturally occurring iron consists of four stable isotopes: The nuclide 54Fe theoretically can undergo double electron capture to 54Cr, but the process has never been observed and only a lower limit on the half-life of 3.

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Wagner Manufacturing started business in in Sidney, Ohio. It manufactured cast iron and tried other products over the next century, including brass and aluminum. Randall Company purchased Wagner Manufacturing in , and Griswold, its biggest competitor, in Wagner Ware markings help identify the era of production, but because of reproductions, confirmation is necessary.

Dating Cast Iron | Mary and Tom’s Kitchen. Set of 3 Wagner Ware cast iron skillets. Number 3 N Number 6 H Number 8 O All 3 in great Wagner Cast Iron Skillet – Dedicated to Cast Iron. Wagner Cast Iron Skillet. Best Cast Iron Skillet. WagnerWare Cast Iron Skillet. Vintage Cast Iron.

The decision has been made to remove Cast Iron Canada as an entity from Facebook. We will be going back to a chat forum based system, and staying with it. When the forum and other interactive software is ready to go, the facebook group will be shut down. The forum is ready to go — it has google translate built in, so interacting in French or any other language will be seamless.

Bear with me as I put this site together. Lots of new and unknown examples of Canadian hollow ware have shown up in the last couple of years, but there is much more missing. There is a serious lack of iron in Canada, so far over stove manufacturers are known to exist and at least an additional that made hollow ware. Where is all the iron? Many of these hollow ware manufacturers have zero examples to go by — and this is the reason your pictures are so important.

If you have any iron that is marked or unmarked, please forward some good detailed pictures to admin castironcanada. Many of the web pages on the main site are going to be articles clipped from catalogs or journals that were found online — if you feel something is posted in error, please feel free to let the admin know. I am trying my best to NOT reproduce without clear links to the original, but I may miss a few. If you see pictures that you took of your own cookware — many of the pictures that are shown have been obtained through google images.

To those that have responded to my cross Canada ads requesting pictures, thank you very much to you as well — People have been wonderful and helpful.

How to Restore Rusty and Damaged Cast Iron Skillets and Cookware

Welcome to my cooking and collecting iron cookware pages. Cast and forged iron are really the most wonderful items to collect and use. I also have provided some historical background on ironware made in the USA.

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Did you know you want a vintage cast iron skillet? I apologize in advance for tempting you with visions of the perfect new addition to your kitchen ;-. Cast iron is a must have for all southern cooks, but you probably already knew that. Southern cooks use cast iron skillets for all manner of fried dishes as well as quick breads. I loved the healthy aspect of them, but often burned the outside of meat and left the inside undercooked. I was pretty new to this whole cooking thing and everyone I knew had teflon pans so no insight there: Then I was given a salsa recipe that absolutely insisted that you blacken the peppers in a cast iron pan.

I was inspired to get one. So I bought a smallish square Lodge pan. And it was great! I made salsa, quiche, cornbread and fried everything in it but eggs. Note the smooth interior But was never able to season that pan well enough to be completely non-stick. Maybe it was just my particular one … the surface was pretty rough. These pans have a very rough surface in comparison to quality vintage pans.

Vintage Cast Iron WAGNER Ware Sidney O 1408 Pat’D Sept 15 1925 WAFFLE MAKER

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Site Info History The following article was not written for this site. The original was here: She praised it highly for its quality and durability. Descoware originally was known as Bruxelles Ware at its inception. Thus the name Descoware was born. It seemed you could find a piece in almost every home, whether it was a skillet or Dutch Oven or covered casserole.

History Of Wagner Cast Iron

I ran across one today that was raw cast iron similar to your photo. Hi There Mike, Yes, I think so. Especially if yours looks like my picture with the raw cast iron. I do a lot of out-door camping and other activities with the family.

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The Griswold cast iron foundry was based in Erie, Pennsylvania; and until the early s cast-iron items from this company were marked with an “ERIE” logo. Griswold filed for bankruptcy in , and the company was acquired by Randall Corporation, who had also acquired Griswold’s rival Wagner Ware in Randall sold both Wagner and Griswold to the General Housewares corporation in , and they were the producers of these brands through the s, s, and s.

The Vollrath Company Founded: The company manufactured porcelain enameled pots, pans, plates, cups and other kitchenware by coating cast iron with ceramic glaze, and Vollrath received a patent on “speckled” enameled glaze for household utensils in By the s the Vollrath Company was producing a catalog of more than products. It was affected by the Great Depression , and during World War II the company had moved exclusively into defense manufacturing. Production of cast-iron products for household use ceased during this era.

Vollrath produced a Polio-Pak during the polio epidemic. It was among the first manufacturing companies in America to integrate computer technology. Wagner Ware[ edit ] Founded: In their cast iron foundry went into operation, and it continued producing cast-iron cookware for over a century before closing in

Vintage Cast Iron Wagner Ware Skillet 10-1/2″ Number(No) #8 No Logo/Unmarked “D”

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