Singer Jolin Tsai and model Vivian Dawson split up after six years of dating


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Singer Jolin Tsai and model Vivian Dawson split up after six years of dating

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TVB actress Grace Chan on dating actor Kevin Cheng and their 22-year age gap

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The year-old rising star, who has been dating Hong Kong A-list actor Kevin Cheng, 46, for the past year, is “completely comfortable” with the label, she says. So I shouldn’t mind it if he’s what people always associate me with. It’s not like one is the sidekick to the other. We’re both the superheroes in this sense. She plays a woman who pines for his vampire hunter character. Unlike other celebrities in relationships, she is open when asked about her romantic life, spilling details of their Valentine’s Day – they had “a quiet home-cooked meal” – and mentions that she met Cheng’s mother during Chinese New Year.

Cheng, who has been known to be fiercely private about his past relationships with actresses Charmaine Sheh, 40, and Niki Chow, 36, has also been surprisingly open about his latest flame. Hong Kong media outlets have pointed to his age as the reason for this change, speculating that he is finally ready to settle down and get married.

However, Chan, who joined TVB as an actress after winning the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant in , says marriage is not on the cards just yet. We’re taking things one step at a time and I’m not in any hurry to get married,” she says. Laughs This is embarrassing, but I have never seen any of his dramas before and this is a guy who has done some really famous dramas. He has never forced me to watch any of them, but I bought the DVDs recently, so I plan to watch them. That was actually how we got to know each other when we filmed the vampire series together.

From Reddit to EDMW: Singaporeans React to the NDP 2018 Theme Song

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A spokesman said visitors can be subjected to additional interviews and checks, adding: One woman reportedly had three showing different identities. The report also said the women could not explain to officers why they wanted to enter Singapore. A year-old Vietnamese woman told the Tuoi Tre newspaper that Customs officers ushered her into an “isolation room” with 20 other Vietnamese women.

She was later asked to give details of her itinerary – including where she was staying and how much money she was carrying. Last year, more than , Vietnamese nationals visited the country, according to the Singapore Tourism Board – almost a third more than in The Straits Times understands the meeting ended cordially, with the ICA clarifying its entry procedures and stressing that these applied to visitors of all nationalities.

It also said that interpreters are available to assist travellers who are unable to communicate in English. A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on July 28, , with the headline ‘ICA explains why some Viet women turned away at airport’. Print Edition Subscribe Topics:

Singer Jolin Tsai and model Vivian Dawson split up after six years of dating

Her manager confirmed this to Apple Daily, saying the couple reached a decision together to break up and the split last month was amicable. The news was shocking, as their relationship had been seen as stable, with fans expecting them to marry. Tsai, 36, and New Zealand-born Dawson, 32, hit it off while working on a music video together in

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TVB actress Grace Chan on dating actor Kevin Cheng and their 22-year age gap

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