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Your hub for horsepower Get first access to hit shows like Roadkill and Dirt Every Day Join free for 14 days now Innovate Engineering has created a slick, digital handheld air-fuel ratio meter that can also data-log the information that will give you immediate and accurate drive-time results that you can use to help tune your engine. The system uses a five-wire Bosch heated oxygen sensor that is intended for use only with unleaded fuels to create the air-fuel ratio readout. At this time, the system is capable of data-logging only the air-fuel ratio, but by the time you read this, Innovate should have released auxiliary components that will allow you to data-log several other inputs, including rpm, coolant or inlet air temperature, and pressures. If you study the included graphs 6A and 6B , you should be able to see that the narrow band oxygen sensor is really only accurate at This is where the new-car companies need their engines to run at part-throttle both for emission and fuel mileage reasons. These sensors operate by measuring the free oxygen content in the exhaust gas and converting that amount of oxygen into a specific voltage.

Lowrance HOOK-4 Operation Manual

HDMI cables are often quite expensive in stores, however, so we recommend buying a cable from an online vendor like Amazon, newegg. For the vast majority of viewers, it’s not worth spending extra for an HDMI cable. Set up the source resolution to match your TV Here’s where a lot of even experienced HD owners not to mention cable box installers get confused. HD sources can have a lot of settings, and to take full advantage you’ll want to match the resolution of the source as closely as possible to the capabilities of your TV.

If you have a p TV–the most common resolution among new models–you should set the source to i or, if available, p resolution. If you have a p or x TV, set the source to p resolution.

It’s pretty simple math: a heavy wire hook + a soft-tipped rod = a lower hookup ratio. Physics is physics after all. Yet, for the longest time, this obvious formula eluded me (or, rather, deceived me).

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Best hook I’ve ever used, don’t plan on getting the hook out with your hands, you’ll need pliers, if you hook them, consider them on the boat. Beats all competition by a long shot From: The first time I used this hook ,I felt the hook actually cut into the fish’ mouth on the hook set and I was sold. That was several years ago and several styles of this hook have become a main stay!

The points are fragile but if you stick your plastics “shallow” instead of skin hooking it will help protect the points.

Hookup ratio on frogs is lower than most baits in general. The fish just miss them or slap at them sometimes. Try to wait a second or two before setting the hook, or wait until you can’t see the frog or feel weight of the fish.

No Routes, Waypoints, Tracks: No Sonar and transducer To begin with, this is the unit, the one that is supplied with the DSI skimmer transducer. The DSI skimmer supplied with this unit supports both these frequencies. It uses fan-shaped beams for scanning, not conical as a transducer for 2D traditional sonar. The side-to-side width of these beams is not specified, but as a general idea, the beam that the transducer is using for scanning in kHz is wider than the one for kHz.

Differently put, the kHz mode is best to be used on deeper water, for a better coverage, while the kHz mode is more effective on shallow waters, offering superior clarity. However, it can keep track of the bottom on depths up to ft 91 m. It also integrates a temperature sensor, thus the unit will indicate the temperature of the top water.

Lowrance HOOK-4 Operation Manual

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Simple and Convenient Hookup apps are convenient.

There have better hookup ratio amd comes with the frog fishing frogs in some. The summer and increase hook system employs a. When fishing and my outright favorite frog lure to miss the attributes to The fish, from 1 or higher quality to hook and landing ratios. Most freshwater hollow body frogs a long bassing tradition of cooling.

Probably same day and same conditions last Sat. I lined one, getting a clear line between the fish and the sun and it spooked. Most of my shots were at ft and then I landed the fly right on top of their head both times and spooked both. Rookie moves but even an ole guy like me still get’s jittery when the tail is wagging and waving at me. Gawd I love those moments! I deserved to be roasted by my buddy Steve for that!

Needless to say, the next day he was on those same fish and caught a good one. The boat will push fish who are a little spooky anyways. That’s why longer shots are needed sometimes.

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The debate between using circle hooks and J hooks offshore is a topic which comes up time and time again. So is the great circle hook debate one of conservation? Or is it one of effective fishing methods? From bluefin tuna to tiger sharks, circle hooks made the successful catch and release of these titans possible. The strength and resilience of circle hooks constantly amazes me — even if the actual process of the hook setting itself remains a mystery.

Jul 19,  · % is about my hook-up ratio (for bass that is). I feel like shortening the legs up, bending the hooks out from the body and up a little helps. I feel like shortening the legs up, bending the hooks out from the body and up a little helps.

Hook up to land ratio? Can you take a picture of your rigging? What are you using to space the hook from the back of the lure head and where is the hook point in relation to the lure skirt photo best. The hook is flush with the skirt. A marlin bites down on the lure behind the head and the thick beads do not allow the hook to slide in the marlin’s mouth to allow the hook to set firmly in the jaw. Instead either double twist the leader or make your spacing with lb.

Hook eye to non-swinging in the rigging.

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More Advice Size — Three factors should influence size choice: Bass size — At a big-bass fishery, throw a big bait, or vice versa; 3. The bite — If fishing is tough, try downsizing swimbaits. Color — Shad patterns are most popular and they certainly work, especially where bass are feeding on shad. Semi-translucent swimbaits work great in clear water. Some glitter or a little shiny paint adds the effect of scales.

This hook has a round bend similar to the sproat hook but features an offset or “kirbed” point for better penetration. The point directs penetration at an angle with the .

There are three new main features that support this breakthrough. First, the fish dump into the main bend quicker. Second, the fish are protected from the barb. Once into the main bend fish have a much harder time throwing the hook. In the early years of wire hook development, over a century ago, fisherman wanted more retention, thus the barb was created. Manufacturers cut into the side of the wire and simply pulled out that metal to make a barb, this was easy to do and it worked!

Although responsible for fish retention, barbs are one of the main reasons for fish loss. In order for a fish to get into the main bend of any hook it has to go over the barb, continue down the front length and into the main bend. Likewise, for the fish to get off the hook it has to come up out of the main bend, back up the front length and over the barb to get off.

Eventually the barb will cut a hole in an active fish, causing fish loss. When making barbs the idea has always been to strike the side of the wire, pull out the sharp sided barb and call it a day.

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A major concept of the fly is that the fly imitates some form of fish prey. Flies are usually chosen based on the pattern, size and color to represent all manner of potential freshwater and saltwater fish prey to include aquatic and terrestrial insects, crustaceans, worms, baitfish, flesh, spawn, small reptiles, amphibians, mammals, etc. Each situation is different, and we put together 6 different flies into the set so you can get yourself spending all day on the water with right flies to attract the fish you’re trying to catch.

All 6 flies are tied on chemically sharpened high quality hooks. Discount for multiple item purchases Back to top 3 Flies Set. Flies are usually chosen based on the pattern, size and color to represent all manner of potential freshwater and saltwater fish prey to include aquatic and terrestrial insects, crustaceans, etc.

Mar 03,  · Increasing hook penetration is the main objective to Goldbeck’s modifications. He says that when properly modified, a standard 5/0 hook will turn into a 7/0 hook and a standard 4/0 hook will resemble a 6/0 hook. “You have to remember that when you expand the gap in the hook, what you’re doing is basically increasing the size of that hook,” he says.

If your a cruiser, that’s a different story. I wanted to try this set up out and had the perfect candidate. I wanted to put it in a car capable of braking the trans for test purposes. This lb bomber has a mild and a 12 bolt posi with 4: It was originally stick but someone had put an automatic in it. The clutch linkage all fell right into place with no fabricating.

The transmission bolted to the stock Impala crossmember and all the shifter linkage cleared with no issues. Even the speedometer cable bolted right up, but the gearing is way off.

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Syrup How much space do I need for a soda fountain? Beverage dispensers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the support equipment components are no different Measurements and Specifications can be found in the “Features” section of the item details for complete soda systems. Generally speaking, the boxes of syrup and the CO2 tank typically take up the most space 5 gallon syrup boxes are 11″ x 15″ x 8″. Syrup pumps can be configured in different ways in order to best utilize the available space.

We’ll configure them according to your specifications at no additional charge! Standard carbonators are approximately 12″ x 12″ x 12″ and a 20lb.

Frog hook up ratio – How to get a good woman. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Rich .

Think Speed – Low Ratios? Think Power Fishing reel gear ratio equals spool size plus number and size of gears. When anglers talk about fishing reel gear ratio in relation to a reel’s speed or even its power, they often forget to include the reel’s spool size in the equation. A reel’s spool works in compliment to its gears. The gears and spool “together” determine the reel’s true speed and power.

But before we get into all that let’s take a quick look at the fundamentals of gears. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it short and in language guys like you and I can understand. You know, non-engineer types. But in the interest of being thorough I offer this brief explanation.

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If you want an extreme challenge, Axis deer hunting is the way to go. They can see, hear and sense you from a distance, and will run circles around you. These animals are very clean, and do not have fleas or ticks.

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