John Renshaw Carson: Pioneer Ruled Modulation’s Earliest Innovations


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Nick has done a superb job –and he reports it has been proofed and is a working board! If you go to my website www. My XYL asked me that question today — why are you building another rig? Followed up by a snide comment that I had so many rigs now why do I need another one. Well the answer plain and simple because I can! For the longest time in the late 60’s early 70’s my success rate with homebrew SSB transceivers was miserable.

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First we must understand what single side band is not! It is not a frequency! It is not a portion of a band! It is not a rock group! Single sideband is more properly called a “mode” like AM or FM. It is a very efficient method of superimposing your voice or other information on a radio wave and the transmission of that radio wave. The method by which audio, information , is impressed on a radio signal is called modulation.

To modulate a radio wave is to add information to it that can be received on a receiver for some useful purpose. There are two types of modulation that most people are familiar with, AM amplitude modulation , and FM, frequency modulation , for which the AM and FM broadcast bands were named. You have used FM modulation on the 2 meter ham band and most likely used AM modulation when you were a kid using toy walkie talkies.

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It could be tuned down to kcs, but the performance of the receiver was degraded in this range. It was the successor to the CSR5A receiver. It was the successor to the RAK receiver. There, it was part of a RATT bay. These sets covered kHz SRR , 0. I have both the ’11 and ’13 in my shack; the SRR however, is quite scarce. It appears that the design may have been rushed a little to get these receivers into production during the Korean war since a number of collectors report calibration problems with early production units.

In general, they are a bit difficult to service due to their modularized design employing sub-minature tubes with wire leads which are soldered in place. The lack of extender cables also makes servicing somewhat of a headache. The only difference I have noticed is the addition of 19 inch rackmount brackets on the side of the case. The bandwidths are 1.

A Totally Retro Mode Makes a Comeback

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As a result, the sideband located just above the carrier frequency is called the upper sideband and that which is located just below the carrier frequency is called the lower sideband. The pieces that fit together to form an AM broadcast signal are quite important.

This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Channel 36 or 38 LSB became the unofficial SSB “calling channels” for stations seeking contacts, with the subsequent conversation moving to channels 37— CBers with AM-only radios are asked to not use channels 36 through This agreement provides interference-free operation for all operators by separating the far more powerful SSB stations from the AM stations.

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Carson has been inducted into the Electronic Design Hall of Fame for his contribution to radio modulation innovations. Carson for two major contributions to communications technology: We still use these cornerstones of communications theory today.

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To generate a good high-level modulated watt signal required a large watt modulator with a gigantic and heavy modulation transformer and a speech amplifier containing many tubes. SSB would do away with the requirement to have many of these monstrous electronic pieces. There had been SSB experimentation back in the late 40s and early 50s but it was later in the 60s before ham equipment manufacturers started building equipment that was intended and expected to be used for receiving SSB.

Many years passed with hams using the old diode detectors which had worked so well for AM or Amplitude Modulation and was also being used for CW. It was in the late 50s when the product detector, made especially for detecting SSB, was designed into the receiver. Until then, the user set up their receiver to copy SSB just like they did for copying CW, that is, turn the RF gain control all the way down, turn the AVC automatic volume control switch off, and turn the AF gain control all the way up.

The audio level volume was then controlled with the RF gain control knob. This system worked OK until the introduction of the product detector, which was a perfect decoding match for SSB.

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Listen to SSB or single sideband on your old AM radio

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